3 useful and awesome HTML animation for marquee moving word in blog

I posted all detailed article about moving word,moving image,moving image/word with link etc. so,today i want to teach your= more tricks about marquee. you can check animation for marquee below. also visit our marquee section and learn more about marquee..[....]

fastest internet speed-how to increase internet speed and basic knowledge of netsetter/dongleGo to blogger.com>choose your blog>click new post and try below awesome tricks for animation for marquee

  ☺   1.How to set Marquee Moving Words Alternate Behavior
Go to new post and click HTML section and past below code

<marquee  behavior="alternate">Minded Bro</marquee>

Now  replace words Minded Bro to your Words
 Process completed. Now you can check your preview. see my example below

Minded Bro

  ☺   2.How To add Bold words with Color and background color
 Go to new post and click HTML section and past following code

<marquee bgcolor="#CD5C5C" style="color:Yellow;"><b>Minded Bro</b></marquee>

Now you can replace bgcolor="your color code"  ,  style="color:your color name;" and replace <b>your words</b> 
now check your preview see my preview below

Minded Bro 

  ☺   3.How to add Play/Pause control in moving words 
Go to New post and click HTML button then past this code

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()">Minded Bro</marquee>

Now replace Minded Bro to your text. all done!!
check preview

Minded Bro

You can also add moving image with link,moving text with speed control and moving word with direction control visit our Marquee section

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