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Many blogger use event Blogging. but according to me Regular Blogging is best. And you can Post Event articles during regular blogging. so i Suggest you use Regular posting with Event articles. many blogger Received million Site traffic by event blogging in short time. So How to start Event Posting ? i Explain.

 ☻ How To choose subject For Event based article

Increase Site traffic in short time trick. Just check your calendar and watch Television news daily. watch sports news or You may also post about upcoming new movie earning report or another sports program. Create list of Upcoming Movies,upcoming Programs,Upcoming Sports match,Upcoming Festivals ETC. so these is ideas for making articles. choose right time to post article. for example 9 April 2016 to 29 May 2016 is a ipl season. so start writing information about IPL cricket match. write article before 2 -3 days of Match. use keywords by Keyword research tool. You may post about match score or player selection and Everything you want to write You can proceed but do not post copy Article of any other bloggers only write your own idea and thinks.

 ☻  How To Write Event based article

So after you Choose subject Start writing article. Write more than 1,500 Words if you want to high rank Of Traffic. minimum 700 Words and maximum 2000 Words Articles are always perform awesome. Set Keyword density 1.5% to 2.0% of Targeted keyword and for other keyword use 8% To 9%,do not Write spam article. if you use one word more than 10%,so it is not better for your article. Set  H1,h2,H3 of your article and always write paragraph and post summary,Update your article daily and make title short,do not write more than 70 characters in title,Use targeted keyword in title H1,H2 and H3,post meta description and permalink. so after you read this you will see Growth of site traffic.

 ☻  Extra tools i Suggest you for Event Based Articles                 

Apply All tools of below for Grow your Site traffic.

Word count tool

This tool help to you For Count word,density check and Check quality. Try it now Word Count tool.

Density checker

In this tool you Can check targeted keyword density. try live keyword analysis tool now.

Fetch as Google

This tool help to you index your new article in Search instantly. You can find this tool In Google search Console. Go to Google search console and go to home>Click on your site>Crawl>Fetch as Google and now Enter your new Article's link after www.example.com/. and then select desktop and click Fetch.next step is choose Crawl only this URL option and click Go that's it .

Traffic,seo and domain checker websites

By this tool Your link will instantly index in search.You can find many Sites of traffic,seo and domain rank checker. For hindi Reader check this Blog for detailed information. also you need to Collect all traffic,seo and domain checker websites then store in notepad. Check Your URL daily in these all websites. Add daily more sites in notepad list and check your URL in both websites Regularly.

                          So in this Post I Explained you about Event based article better for high site traffic. if You need more help about it,then post comment below of your question with detail. and i also suggested you Free tools  To start Posting Event article. and also you learned about seo of it. there are all information tested and then i posted For you. Follow above tutorial and then you will see 100% Result in short time For your site traffic. 

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