ussd code how can use ussd code in computer for checking balance,validity and mb-gb-kb data.

ussd code Our today's post is about net-setter/dongle.How we can see balance,validity and data in computer. Most people do not know it ,how to check balance or data in net-setter/dongle. He repeatedly put the SIM card in the mobile. but this is not good. this is bad for your mobile's battery and also your dongle. so use this option for data,validity and balance more below.....[....]

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ussd code most people using dongle/net-setter for internet browsing and downloading. and few people don't know dongle\net-setter setting and it usage. so today i teach you some information about this.

► Insert your dongle/net-setter in USB and then open your connectivity software. and Select your network profile name and click connect.

► Go to tools and click USSD.Enter the command code for check your data balance,balance,offers and validity. 

► So this is the USSD for Find your validity,balance etc. we will know more about it in our next post.

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