Navigation bar-How to create perfect and SEO friendly pages navigation bar for blog or websites

Navigation Bar

Navigation bar-Today i want to tell you,how can create perfect navigation bar for blog or website.Any visitor to the navigation will be easier to reach your post.and also it is SEO friendly.Using the label, you can divide your post in different departments. click read more below and create your own navigation bar and use it.....[....]

How To create Navigation
Go to your blogger. select your blog and go to layout. click add gadget button below header. click page header +  button.  you added page successfully. now edit your blog post and click labels and choose your topic for ex. Entertainment,Blogging etc. we choose go to your blog post and find your 'Entertainment' label below. then right click on 'entertainment' label and then copy link/url of Entertainment label. then go to layout>pages>edit>add external link and add your page title 'Entertainment' and past copied label link in web address (url) below. done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to use
Now when you will add entertainment post,you will must add label of entertainment. then when you will add Entertainment post,all posts will go to the 'Entertainment' department. and also you can see your post on home page. Enjoy and share this article for help your friend!!!! Navigation bar

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create your own blog. blog kese banaaya jaaye?


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