easy bread recipes-How to cook a perfect,juciy and testy chat-pata paau

easy bread recipes
easy bread recipes

easy bread recipes- Every women interested in to cook new recipes. so,today i want to show you,how to cook a chat-pata paau. it is famous indian recipe.cook it now at home.you can cook up to 4 bread and time take up to 25 minute. Preparation time is 5 minute and Baking time is 20 minute so let's start now.............................[....]
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Cooking Materials
Horizontal cut from between impose breads,2 tablespoon butter,Large onion fine deducted,fine snipped 1/2 capsicum,2 cloves garlic,fine chopped 2 tomatoes,1/2 tsp turmeric1/2 tsp chilli,1/2 tsp hot spice,2 tsp butter, Salt according to opinion,2 tsp Fine snipped coriander,lemons

Chat-pata paau cooking method
Warm a Butter in a pan. And Fry capsicum and onions until half transparent happen.Now add the garlic, tomatoes, turmeric and chili and fry up to 5 minute. now add the salt and hot spice and mix them And put it in side. Now take a new waffle-iron and warm the butter and grill the bread both sides till become a crispy. add the Created spice And cover the bread by crated spice. and decorate coriander and lemon pieces .Enjoy chat-pata paau !!!!!!!!!!! easy bread recipes

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