ways to earn money online-how to earn money by YouTube ?-Monetize your video in youtube by google adsense

Ways to earn money online.
ways to earn money online

 Ways to earn money online. I will teach you today, how we can make money from own video camera.

YouTube is the world's largest video site powered by google. create channel and add your own recorded videos on youtube..........[....]

 ► Ways to earn money online-After uploading videos,you need to daily views of your videos. if your video is perfect,you can get visitor's traffic daily.

► When you will upload your 5-7 videos and while you will reach 500 views, then apply for Monetization of your videos by adsense.

► Congrats!!!!! now you are YouTube earner upload more videos and share your video by social media and earn more by youtube.

► If you have any question, then please post a comment in below. and keep sharing ! Ways to earn money online.

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