how to write article?-How to write a perfect article for your blog?-increase your page rank by perfect article

how to write article
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how to write article-today i want to show you about articles writing and how you can get traffic easily on your blog?

► Writing  a good article is key of blogging. Good article can bring lots of traffic in your blog.

► Choose best title for your blog and add comfortable keyword first. always use Google adword for find better keyword. always choose 4,000 avg monthly keyword. it's a low traffic keyword....[....]

how to write article-Do not add copyright content in your article and always use your own original words for share your thoughts.and write article for reader's help,not for money. What your readers want? It is very important for you to know.

► Always add your own image. do not use copyright image. add caption and title tag in your image.

► Type minimum 300 words in your article. and also add permalink,search description,location and labels. it's more important.

► I will post more about article. be patient for my next post. you can ask any question by comment in below.

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