health questions about diabetes and heart attack-best home remedies for these diseases-easy way for relief in these diseases

health questions
health questions

health questions-Today i will give you  lot of good information for heart attack patients and diabetes patient. today i want to tell you domestic thing. These home remedies help you to relief in these diseases. so i will tell you more about diabetes and heart attack in below. Today the world is not a heart attack and diabetes present a concrete cure. they have to live their life with the help of medicines.If you are taking medicine more of a heart attack, you may have diabetes in future.I have an annual medical experience. And I wish to assure you, if you adopt my home remedies, you will get relief from these diseases. try it now for perfect result and relief....[....]                                              Create your own blog blogging beginners ke liye .
health questions. Indeed, much of the basic things to heart attack patients relieves. Heart attack caused by blood thickening comes there. And doctors speak to us surgery.

► Gourd juice is the perfect treatment for heart attack patients. put the 7 to 10 basil  in Gourd juice. And put the 5 to 7 Peppermint and drink it empty stomach every morning. you can also add black salt for better result.

► Drink these mixed juice up to 6 month daily. you will also relief in diabetes.

► Diabetic patients should drink more water. Diabetes patient zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, papaya, etc. should eat more.

Bitter gourd is also reduces the amount of diabetes.

► So follow this tutorial,you will lose the diabetes and heart attack.

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