free recipes-how to cook brinjal pakoda salsa ?-best cooking tips for women-always new cooking tips

Free recipes
Free recipes

Free recipes-today i want to give you one cooking tips for women.

Items needed:- Tomato,Sugar,Capsicum,Chopped cauliflower,Flex Chile,Origeno,vinegar,salt.tomato sauce, chickpea flour, corn flour,Salt, chili,parsley.

Delete the tomato pulp.take chopped tomato,capsicum,cauliflower,chile flakes,sugar,Origeno, white vinegar and salt mixture etc in a bowl....[....]

Free recipes-Mix two spoons of tomato sauce to the mix.And let the mixture separate from living.Take a medium-sized eggplant. And wash pieces and cut it.

Now in a bowl take gram flour, corn flour, salt, pepper and caraway seeds and get mixed up.

► Pour water and do a ready thick Bees tings. Take a chopped brinjal chips and fry it.

► Arrange snacks of Brinjal in a plate. Arrange a salsa of filling in the tablespoon.

► Put Coriander and boiled corn

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